Eventers and Friends

580081_10200322603381798_982719596_nWe are thrilled to showcase our local Equestrian Eventer, Bunnie Sexton.  Born in our Santa Ynez Valley she is a highly accomplished and respected rider.  At 54, she’s recently become the oldest female rider to compete at a four star event on their first attempt.  87 riders from around the world competed at the 2015 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event (rk3de).  Bunnie and her horse, Ecko,  finished 24 in the 40 that place.  In May, Bunnie was featured in Eventing Nation where she was lauded as an “inspiration to eventers from all walks of life.”  In the article’s second photo, she is wearing slacks by Equestrian Designs.  We look forward to working with Bunnie in promoting our label on both jog-outs and, ultimately, in competition.


**all images used with permission from Bunnie Sexton

Here is Bunnie’s interview at the Rolex Kentucky Thee Day Event:


“On or off the horse I feel great in my pants by Equestrian Designs. Love Them! Thanks guys!   xo  Olivia Newton-John ”

Photo taken in Mendoza, Argentina.

Olivia Newton-John